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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot wheels

Daddy, can I go with you this weekend to Bristol for the NASCAR race?

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy First Birthday Riley!!!

We have had a very exciting weekend. Riley turned one year old on Friday. She had a small party at Kim's house with her other friends she's with while we are working. I'm told they had a blast. We hosted a party on Saturday for the big celebration, and had a big turnout of family, grandparents, friends, and neighbors.

Since we have just a few pictures of our sweet girl, Chris put together a DVD movie of pictures and video from the past year. We gave copies to the parents and grandparents, and they were very excited. We took the picture below earlier this week to finish off the year for the movie. We go tomorrow for our 1 year checkup, so we'll get the official stats then. I must note that we are walking with about 95% confidence, and she'd rather do it herself, than have you hold her hands, go figure.
Who else but the restaurant owner, my dad, to man the grill. Thanks dad for taking on this task!
Wesley, Evelyn and Jake came to help with the celebration. Riley, Evelyn and Jake are just a few months apart, so we are excited Riley has friends her age just next door!

Here is Riley's birthday cake I made for her. I'm still new to working with fondant, but I loved making it, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Riley wasn't sure about everyone singing happy birthday to her.

I made the top tier just for her. She wasn't sure about digging into the cake. Riley has never been one to try and eat her food with both hands, but she was interested in the touch and feel of the fondant.

Opening all the great presents. I'm stashing many of them away, so we can open something new every few weeks, and won't get bored with anything.
Look, the first of many toys that makes noise!

Thanks to everyone to came to help us celebrate this milestone. Chris and I have said this whole weekend how wonderful it is to have such great families, friends and neighbors who love us and our sweet girl. We look forward to many more wonderful years to celebrate.

Busy, busy, busy

We are very busy these days. Riley is walking and always on the go. Here are a few cute pictures from the past week.

Okay dad, I just took a cute picture - see above - now I'm ready for you to put the camera down!
Hmm, I wonder what's in this barn?

Meet Jake. He lives up the street, and we had our first date last weekend by the pool. Mom and dad have already been discussing this close proximity might end up being a problem in the future. Riley - no sneaking out of the house!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Fawn

We went to the park last night for a picnic and to walk. Maris had already told us of the fawn, but as we passed by on the boardwalk, I had my ever-trusty iPhone and snapped these pictures.

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