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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Katherine - 8 months old

This is her 8 month picture taken sometime in May (or early June!)!  She is crawling all over the place, standing, eating some solid/soft food, and the happiest kid ever known.  She is spoiled by her teachers at school, and they always tell me how happy she is every day. She is happiest just in her diaper, as you can see!

On the move! Laughing the entire time!

Happy Father's Day!

We did manage to celebrate Father's day at home this year.  We didn't get any great pictures, but below Riley is "helping" daddy open his gifts!

I don't think Riley was all that impressed with the battery pack that attaches to the camera that daddy wanted!  It's not the toy she was expecting!


I'm loosing my mind, because I just realized I have a couple of post with pictures loaded, but I never posted them, so here goes.  The second week of June, Chris had a meeting in California, where his boss/VP is located, and they invited me to come out for the weekend.  I flew out on a Thursday afternoon, met Chris, worked from the hotel Friday, and we played Saturday.  It was a quick trip, but lots of fun.  I didn't take too many pictures, but there was one event worth sharing.

Below, this is some of the coast line in Laguna Beach.  We were staying in Orange County, just south of LA.  They were also in the middle of "June gloom", which it's basically overcast every day until 3-5 pm, and the clouds roll back in every morning. 

So the fun excursion we did on Saturday, was Captain's Dave Dolphin and Whale Safari.  I found this via Trip Advisor, and it was totally worth it.  Captain Dave takes you out on his boat to this huge pod of dolphins, 500-1000 of them, and they just swim right up next to the boat.  It's hard to capture still pictures, because the boat is moving, along with the dolphins swimming and jumping.  It was the coolest thing to see.

Along with the dolphins, there are blue whales in this area, and at the end of our excursion, we finally saw it blow through it's blow hole, and were able to take the boat out, and get a glimpse of it.  It was impossible to capture via camera, but his website has some great videos.  If you are ever in the Orange County area, we highly recommend this fun adventure.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Miss Millie

Millie turned 6 years old, on May 11.  We dearly love this 6.5 lb. bundle of joy, but I'm not so sure she loves us, now that we have interrupted her sleepy time, and invited small ones to pull at her tail, and eat her toys, bones, and dog food.  Yes, both girls have tried all 3, multiple times!

Miss Millie has taken over the bunny chair my friend Valery gave the girls.  It's her spot all day long until the girls get home.  She is the queen of the house!

Miss Millie:  "You woke me up.  This is the best smile I'm giving."


Memorial Day weekend

We spent the extended Memorial Day weekend in Columbus, and from the appearance of the pictures, all we did was swim.  That's not entirely true, we did grill out, attend church, play other outside games, etc, but all that was documented, was at the pool. 

Riley has to show her GG exactly what she wants.  She gives instructions VERY WELL!

Quick time-out to take a picture...

Katherine is not so sure about her new toy.
...back to splashing!

More splashing.  Katherine loves the water.  Bath or pool, it doesn't matter!

Riley playing with her KK.

Hey Renee! Smile for the camera.

Hey GG!  Thanks for letting us come play!

Pops letting Katherine put her toes in the water, with clothes on.  Not so sure if these stayed on, or she went swimming with them!!

Pure happiness.


Time for someone other than daddy to take pictures. 

Yep, she's happy most anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

Future cheerleader in training!  She's got good help! :)

Notice her sticking her tongue out again.

Katherine - 7 months old

Also, during the month of April, Katherine celebrated her 7-monthday!  It has gotten harder and harder to get a picture of her, because she moves so fast.  Her at home measurements were 18.5 pounds and 28 inches long. She is crawling all over the place and cut her first 2 bottom teeth this month!

Last day of church school

I've apparently only posted once about Riley attending the preschool at our church.  It is an understatement that she loved it, even for only 2 days a week.  Her friend/boy-friend/neighbor Jake was in her class, which was a blessing in so many ways.  And the teachers, oh how wonderful they were.  It makes me sad to think that she may not have any real memories of her preschool days, but we have pictures and adorable artwork to help.

May 12th was her last day of school, complete with a program full of singing and cookies afterwards.  Here she is singing along with her class mates.  She is second from left. 

I'm pretty sure this was the "Dinosaur Song".  Still have no clue what the words were!  Luckily we also have the program on video, and it's worth a laugh.

Riley with Mrs. Marva, the assistant teacher, but Riley had her wrapped around her little finger.  As a testament to how wonderful these people are, Mrs. Marva and her husband have a great Italian restaurant in Germantown, and right after I got out of the hospital from the mastitis nightmare, she had me call in whatever dinner I wanted and delivered it to my house.  She had only been Riley's teacher for maybe a month at the time, but we love her.

Riley and Mrs. Denise, her teacher.  Thanks ladies for teaching this little one so much, and she had a wonderful time.  We will miss you all very much!

Easter 2011

Rewind back to the end of April, Easter Sunday to be exact.  That's where I've left off blogging, and will attempt to catch back up.

Riley insisted on Saturday, she wanted a blue dress to wear to church, so off I went shopping, and thankfully, the shopping fairy provided!  Let me also add, that she is going through the "I will do nothing to cooperate and have a cute picture taken" moment.  She's looking at the camera, and an exaggerated smile would be too much to request!

Katherine on the other hand is just happy with life! 

Riley giving mommy some kisses.

After many, many attempts, this was the best we got.  We tried for a picture of the 4 of us, using the tripod, and remote for the camera, but no, it just wasn't in the cards this particular day.  I do love these two though.
**Notice Katherine barely sticking out her tongue.  She's a ham!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Collection of phone pictures

It's  been months since I've done a blog post to post all the random phone pictures I take.  I typically just post them to Facebook, but I *think* I have a few non-Facebook readers, and I like to use this blog as a scrapbook/archiving system!   Most of these are actually in order, surprise surprise!

Warning, I am aware some of these are blurry.  These 2 girls don't sit still long enough to capture some of these moments with perfect clarity!

Riley modeling her tutu her Aunt KK got her for Christmas.  Yes, Christmas, I'm way behind!

Katherine playing in her exersaucer.

At the doctor's office with her doctor kit Nana B and Granddaddy got her for Christmas.  Dr. Mitchell was impressed with her skills!

Pushing her "mow mow", a term stolen from her friend Jake!

Katherine is the happiest kid I've ever seen.  She loves to laugh all the time!

Laying on the couch with doggy (I assume watching Dora the Explorer).  Doggy was given to Riley from granddaddy and hasn't left her side since.  He goes to preschool with her, in the car, kitchen table, etc. 

Who knew toes were to tasty?!!  And check out those rolls, I just love them!

Playing together in Riley's room.  Riley doesn't quite understand Katherine aka "Baby" can't play with her just yet, but she can't wait for that day! 


She squishes up her nose all the time.  It's her favorite face and noise to make, and we laugh all the time!

Swinging at Pop's house.

It's a hard life sometimes.

Prepared for all weather, snow, sun, rain, and silly the whole time.

Walking Millie holding Jake's hand.  These two are best friends and just precious together.

Perhaps a sign of some jealousy?  And yes, she can still fit in this infant seat, minus her height!

Playing at Jake's house in the tent.  They were "napping".  Each cover the other one up, just precious.  John is investigating the fun.

Easter egg hunt in our yard with Jake and John.

Someone found a big water puddle after a morning rain.  She soon learned the term "soaking wet" and now says it all the time.

Learning to eat finger foods.

The girls, all 3 of them, love this bunny chair.  Millie sleeps in it during the day when the girls are gone.  Katherine crawls all over it, and lowers her head into it like she is wrestling, and Riley likes to sit in it to watch tv.  Something on tv cought KG's attention, but she won't let go of the chair.

Mmmm, first corn on the cob.  She kept reaching out for more!

Summertime, headed to the neighbor's pool.

She loves to swing, just like her big sister.

Mouth full of bubbles.

Splashing in the pool Mrs. Bobbie, our neighbor gave them.

Playing in the sprinklers at Jake's house, trying to beat the heat.

Supporting the Bulldogs.

Chris actually took this picture on his camera during a sick day home with Riley.  This is her personality at her best!

Chilling in her highchair while I make dinner.

Someone wants to help me cook.

What's under here?

Walking around the table.  She'll be fully walking in no time!

Playing in the living room.  I would say excuse the mess, but this is the standard decor of our living room!

Playing at the doctor's office.  She is truly happy most all the time.

I'm having a hard time moving pictures.  This should be up at the top, but Riley loves to try and hold Katherine.