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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vacation - Boston

Not sure if you read the post on Chris's 30th birthday, but his big present was a trip for the two of us to Boston and Washington DC.  He was very adamant he didn't want a big party, just a vacation for us, so I suggested Boston for a couple of days.  The weekend I suggested just so happened to be the Red Sox vs. the Yankees, which is THE GAME to attend, and it was only a couple of weeks after his special day.  After a little research, he suggested a full week and take the train to DC since I'd never been.  Done and Done!

This post is just a few of the pictures that were taken.  Please remember one of Chris's hobbies is photography, so I had my own paparazzi following me along every where I went! :)

Our first night, we did a Ghost and Gravestone's Tour.  It was quite entertaining, and offered some interesting history on this historical city.  Worth the price of admission!

Gravestone of Paul Revere.
I think this is taken from Boston Common, while on our Ghost and Gravestone's tour.  Forgive me if my location is incorrect!
On Sunday, before the big game that night, we took the T, which is the subway, up to Cambridge and visited the campus of MIT and Harvard.  Here is the Stata Center building right in the middle of MIT's version of our Drill Field.  It was quite unique, we saw some very impressive robots from the window view.
Just 2 more stops north on the T, was Harvard.  It was very impressive, and had a beautiful campus.  Sadly, I never came across Matt Damon or Ben Affleck.
The Harvard Library

Now onto Fenway.  Early Saturday morning, before Cambridge, we got tickets for the Fenway Park Batting Practice tour.  It included a brief 20 minute tour of the stadium, history, walk on the field for pictures, and then time on the Green Monster while the Red Sox were having BP.  Although we didn't come home with a ball, it was a great experience, and Chris's highlight of the trip!

His field picture.  Please excuse the shaded face due to ball cap.

Just after BP, still up on the Monster.

Game time! 
Plate meeting of the umpires.

 One of the highlights of the game was getting to see Jonathan Paplebon come out and close the game.  Being a former bulldog, it was quite exciting to cheer him on the field, and the Red Sox won!

Monday and Tuesday we spent touring more of the city, and we have tons, and TONS of pictures, but these are just some highlights.

Here is the finish line of the Boston Marathon painted on the road, just of Copley Square .  They were already setting up this week, as the marathon was the following weekend.

The highlight of Boston for me was seeing Trinity Church.  As some of you may or may not know, I was raised in the Episcopal Church, so being able to see this church, with it's magnificent architecture and history was so impressive. 

Here is the front of the church.
A second church we visited was Old South Church, which is also in Copley Square.  It's a more Roman Gothic design, but still quite magnificent.

We enjoyed lunch on Tuesday at Union Oyster House, which we had the clam chowder, and I'd take more now please!  Delicious!

Boston was fantastic.  Now onto DC...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Katherine - 6 months old

Just like before, rewind back to March 17, which is when Katherine turned 6 months old.  I must admit this picture was taken almost 3 weeks later, but I'm still happy it was taken!  At her 6 month mark, she was in the 95% in height, and down to 50% in weight.  She got her height from Mr. Wayne's side of the family, because none of the rest of us are tall by any means! :)

At 6 months, Katherine LOVES to laugh, and has a special love for chewing on her toes!  She is almost crawling by this point, but not quite yet.  She is truly a joy of a baby, always happy, and loves to EAT!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Riley's first haircut & Sesame Street Live!

Somewhere towards the end of March, we took Riley to get her first haircut.  Please understand, this child was bald (like her mother) at her first birthday, so it took a while until she was due for a haircut.  Finally, she was telling me it was bothering her, so it was time.  She did great, and was more bothered by the hair clips to hold her hair back, than the actual scissors.



Dahlia (the same person I use) didn't cut much, because let's face it, she didn't have enough to loose, but she shaped it and it's so cute now.  Riley's hair changes so much during the day, and it's in ringlets by the end of the day.  I hope it stays this way!

That evening, she and I got to go to Sesame Street Live! at the FedEx Forum, and were in the IP box.  At the time the tickets were given to me that week, our VP admin probably didn't know I'd turned in my notice that I'd be leaving IP, but oh well.  Riley had a great time!


Chris's 30th birthday

Since Chris was celebrating a big milestone birthday, we already had a trip planned to Boston and DC for his official present.  Our trip wasn't until April, and there will be pictures posted soon, but I wanted his actual birthday to be celebrated.  He was adament he didn't want a party of any sort, so I sorta obliged.  He just wanted his family to come up on Sunday, have some cake, and be very low key.

His parents came up on Saturday to spend a little extra time with us and the girls, so I arranged for dinner at Firebirds, and our friends Cager, Maris, and April to join in (Matt had other commitments).  I made sure to have a cake at the restaurant.  Riley helped daddy with his candles!

So on Sunday, his grandparents and Karan came up to spend the day.  We took the girls to the park in the morning before all going to lunch together.  I think more than the little girls had fun, hehe!

I made sure to have a second cake for the Sunday celebration, and Riley assisted a second time as well!  He was lucky enough to get some money towards his new iPad2, and other accessories for his soon to be toy!

Happy 30th from your wife (whose looking quite rough in the picture below!)


Zoo Trip

So the Saturday of Chris's birthday, we decided to have an outing to the zoo, get a family membership, and enjoy a morning outside.

The polar bear was in full entertaining mode, making lap after lap in front of the glass.  At one point, he changed directions and came right at Riley and Chris, which was both awesome, and sorta scary at the same time. 
Oh, that water looks so tempting!

Katherine - 5 months old

Rewind back to February 17th.  That's the day Katherine turned 5 months old.  Not to be confused when this picture was taken.  It was probably a few weeks later, but it was within the correct month!

At 5 months old, Katherine was trying her hardest to crawl, but hadn't gotten it figured out yet.  I was trying to pick out an outfit for the photoshoot, but as you can see, she's much happier sans clothes!

This kid can make some of the funniest faces I've ever seen.  There will be more expressions posted soon.