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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Children's Museum of Memphis

Since winter refuses to leave us any opportunity to escape the indoors, I decided we would check out the Children's Museum of Memphis today.  Unfortunately, Chris returned from a week long trip to Tucson last night, and has been sick, running a fever all day long.  So, it was a girls day outing, and we had a great time.
 Riley on the firetruck.

Working on her fishing skills.  I was afraid she would try and jump in because she loves water, and all things splashing!

Katherine cuddling Riley's sweater, and taking a nap.  Too much stimulation!

Riley practicing her pilot skills at the FedEx display!

It was a great outing, and nice to do something new.  We will be returning!  Both girls were very tired.

Katherine - 4 months old

Yet again, I'm late posting, but at least a full month hasn't lapsed in time!  Katherine turned 4 months old January 17, and these pictures were at least taken that same week!  At her 4 months checkup she weighed 14 pounds 1 oz, and was 26 inches long.  That put her in the 95% in height, and somewhere in the 70-75% in weight.  She's our little chunky monkey!

We are still dealing with her reflux and never ending spit up.  I've been putting rice cereal in every bottle since Christmas, in hopes to train the muscle to close and quit allowing her to spit up so much.  It is helping some, but it hasn't solved everything.

She has come to love her exersaucer, as pictured below.  She can roll over like a champ, right or left, and front to back.  She still sleeps through the night, on her stomach, which is such a blessing.  Riley never slept through the night until she was over 6 or 7 months old.  

She is easily entertained by almost anything, but has a short attention span.  20 minutes on any activity, and she's ready for a change, which keeps us busy constantly changing things up for her!