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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend at Nana B's

We spent the 3 day weekend in Hattiesburg, which was our first official road trip. 5 1/2 hours in the car, lots of toys and Barney!

Riley was so tired Saturday night from playing, this is how I found her when I was going to bed myself. Please note her entourage!

Katherine taking a nap in daddy's arms. So sweet.

Riley helped Nana B with dinner.

Katherine and Granddaddy spending some quality time together. Sorry for the orange tint!

KG watching the football playoffs, bottle in hand!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it Snow!

On Sunday, when we were home waiting on the snow, Riley and I finally got around to making our ginger bread house.  We had a fun time, and she points out "my house" multiple times a day now, as it sits on our bakers rack.

Chris took Riley up to the Town Square right when it started to snow, and I just love this picture!

Chris measured 4 inches of snow on our back table.  It was beautiful, and probably the best snow I can remember.  Riley wasn't sure what to think of it.  She mostly just wanted to walk around in it.

Peek-a-boo!!!  I love those blue eyes!
Katherine is trying to convince her daddy to let her play!

Our back yard is covered, and you can't even see the rocks around the flower beds.

She didn't understand the concept of throwing snow, but she rubbed it on daddy's jacket.

Christmas 2010

Wow, I can't believe how fast 2010 flew by, but Christmas was very busy at our house.  We had 3 different celebrations, and I've got a load of pictures to share.  We stayed at home enjoyed both families traveling to visit.

The mantel.  Katherine's stocking from my grandmother will be ready to hang next year, but she had her Baby's First Christmas stocking this year.  Next on my list is to find an iron decorative Christmas card holder I can put on the wall.  Our mantel can't hold all our cards and display them properly.

Riley and I started a fun tradition of making cookies for Santa.  I hope this is something we can do each Christmas Eve, because she really got into it.

 Quality control, of course!

Her preschool class at church sent home "reindeer food" to scatter in the yard.  I don't think she quite understood the reindeer, but she had fun putting out the food for them.

Our attempt at a family photo right before the Christmas Eve service.

Ready for bed, and Santa's milk and cookies are in place.

Christmas morning - the first thing Riley checked was to make sure Santa ate his milk and cookies, and of course he did! :)  Here she is opening her presents with us, and Katherine is in her chair behind us.

Katherine and her daddy spending some quality time during all the craziness.

After we had our family Christmas, Chris's family arrived about 10 am, and we enjoyed round 2 of the Christmas celebration.

Katherine during a diaper change.  Ready for more fun!

The Columbus crew just spend the day with us, and my family arrived on Sunday, and we started round 3 as soon as they got here!  Riley is passing out the presents...

...and helping open.

Katherine is focused on her present in her granddaddy's lap.

Uncle David enjoying some quality time with Katherine.

 Story time with Uncle David.

Time to go night night, giving out her hugs and kisses.

Katherine Grace - 3 months old

Katherine turned 3 months old on December 17, and I'm almost a month late posting this picture, but I'm trying my best!  These measurements were taken at home, so they could be slightly off, but it was the best I could do.  We go to the pediatrician for her 4 month checkup next week, so I'll have official numbers then.  At 3 months old, she was starting to smile and coo, and make the cute baby noises.  She was enjoying her play mat more and more.  She was already in the 3-6 months clothes.  She is bigger than Riley was at this age, and therefore growing out of her clothes quicker than Riley, so that's been a challenge for me, to switch out her clothes earlier.

Big sister insisted on having her picture taken during the photo shoot.  You can see Katherine's enthusiasm!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Card 2010

Here is our Christmas Card we sent out this year.  

Katherine - 2 months old

Well, I was preparing to post a 3 month picture, and realized I'm so far behind on blogging, that I hadn't even blogged her 2 month picture, and she was 2 months on November 17th.  She was 11.5 pounds and 23 inches long at her 2 month checkup, coming in somewhere in the 75 percentile.  She got her shots, and while she screamed, I managed not to cry, but unlike her sister, she was very fatigued and lethargic the rest of the day.  The pediatrician did increase her reflux medicine, and she had slept through the night maybe once at this point.

Play time!

Here is another post of random pictures, but worth sharing.  

Proof that Riley really does have hair!

Riley loves LOVES the park, and Chris has tries to take her as much as possible when the weather is nice, so she can get out and run, and have some one-on-one time.  She is peeking through at daddy.

Sly grin!

Her favorite activity at the park... the swing.  She will stay here for hours if we let her.

I've done dual bath time only a couple of times, but Chris captured this sweet moment.  Riley still loves her baby sister, and hasn't had any major jealous moments.  She is such a sweet big sister.

Katherine napping in her chair, while we were playing with Riley and raking the yard one afternoon.

My little helper.

Family Pictures

Since I'm posting 2 months and more of pictures, unfortunately I'm not even sure exactly when some of these pictures were taken, but they are worth sharing.

Katherine taking a nap in her GG's arms.  (GG is short for great-grandmother!)

I'm pretty sure Riley is reading the book to her KK.  Riley is OBSESSED with books.  The past couple of months, that's all she does.  We have a living room full of toys, but she spends 95% of her time flipping through books, asking us to "read book mama", "I want dis book mama", etc.  It does get old, but in reality, it's great that she's so interested.  And although she may be looking away, or focused on something else while you are reading, she does hear us, and knows what we are saying.  20 minutes later, she'll talk about exactly what she "wasn't" paying attention too!

Riley is reading to her NayNay, and Katherine is having some special cuddle time.  Renee was here the week before Christmas helping me out, while Chris was at a work staff meeting in California.

Sweet Millie in my lap, the afternoon of Katherine's baptism.  I finally sat down, sans kid, so she took advantage of some Mama Time!

Katherine snoozing with her Uncle David.

The next 4 pictures, we took on Saturday afternoon, after we ate Thanksgiving with my family, and before Katherine's baptism on Sunday.  We have a very old log cabin at the Collierville Square, and we used this as our backdrop.  For 15+ years, my family has always taken our family picture mom uses for the Christmas card on Thanksgiving weekend, so this was also us getting that picture.

Uncle David and his 2 nieces.  You can see Riley was enjoying smiling for the camera!

Us trying to get a picture of the 4 of us.  It's become impossible almost!

Proud grandparents.

This was the picture my parents used.  Chris is nice enough to setup his tripod, and he has a remote he has behind my back to take the pictures.  So sneaky, yet so functional!  Thanks Chris.