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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We spent Halloween playing outside, enjoying the pretty weather. We took Riley up to the Collierville Square to get some pictures, and let her run around, and see some new scenery.

Here she is inspecting her pumpkin bucket, wondering where her "treats" are.

I realize her eyes are closed, but this just makes me laugh!
Look mom, flowers!
Our friends, Valery and Kyle came over for dinner, and to see Riley in her costume. "Yo dad, get my pumpkin bucket, I've got candy to find!"
Our little duck, trick-or-treating for the first time. She's just too cute some days!

Oh, the places you'll go...

I've neglected this blog for 2 months, which seems crazy, but life has been sorta crazy lately. Somehow we returned from our relaxing vacation, and football season hit, work got crazy, and now it's been 2 months since I've posted. My apologies, I'll try and improve.

Here is my sweet little girl before church (probably 2 months ago!).

Her signature point. I don't know where she picked this up from, but she can use that finger and we all just laugh at her.
Our favorite game is to "s-h-i-t d-o-w" aka, sit down. Riley has no fears, and routinely stands on anything she's supposed to "sit" on. Also, our "s" sound is always accompanied with the "sh", hence our pronunciation. We've spent hours laughing at this phrase!
Ready for another Sunday at church.
About 3 weeks ago, we went to the zoo, with Valery and Kyle. Our main goal was to see the new Teton Trek exhibit, and the grizzly bears, but after 4 attempts to see the bears, they were never out. Non the less, we had a fun day, and it was nice to get out and enjoy the weather.

I couldn't resist this photo shoot at the zoo.
I wonder if he/she would play well with Millie?