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Monday, January 18, 2010

t-shirt quilt

So, I've never been a scrapbook person, never kept a ton of pictures throughout the years, but one thing I do keep is t-shirts from camp, school, work, etc. So I've had a box of t-shirts move with me from apartment to apartment, into this house, and Chris was pressing me to "do something" with them. So I asked his grandmother, who has been quilting for years, to make a quilt from them. I probably gave her the box over a year ago, and sorta forgot about it. Little did I know, she was able to use EVERY PIECE out of the box. Back design, pocket designs, etc. And here is the final product:

I LOVE IT! Yep, I even cried when I opened it. It's a story of my childhood, band events, homecoming, church camp, Lion's Band, Bulldog Deli days, etc. And it's two sided! I love it!

Thanks GG, KK, and NayNay for all your work on this. I love it and couldn't have asked for anything better!

Christmas 2009

I'm still obviously catching up, and I have a ton of Christmas pictures, which are in no particular order, because I'm just doing good to get these posted. Please forgive me and allow me to catch up! A brief recap of our holiday season - we opened our presents here at our house, packed up a day or two later and went to Columbus, then south to Hattiesburg on Christmas morning, and Riley and I stayed for the following week, while Chris had to return for a few days of work prior to New Years. Luckily, he returned to Hattiesburg and picked us up, but we all had a fun Christmas vacation, and loved spending time with family!

Our mantle at home. My grandmother (Granny Ann) made our 3 stockings. I've had mine for year, since she's done many for our side of the family, but shortly after Riley was born, she came to visit here in Memphis and we found a needle-point store, and picked out these, and she finished them this year, and they are beautiful, and a great addition!

Our tree here at home.
Here is Riley playing her her tunnel in Hattiesburg.

Riding her princess car from her Aunt KK.

In Hattiesburg - I love this grin and that smirk!
Mom was welcomed home with immediate help from an afternoon of running errands and working.
Grandaddy, I found your turkey decoy! Please note the use of the paci in many of these pictures. Riley is late, just like her mom, with cutting some teeth. She was just starting to cut a tooth, and couldn't put it down.
After opening her princess car from her KK!
Unwrapping a gift at her Pop's and NayNay's.
Patiently waiting to open her gifts here at our house.

Someone found Snoopy.
Here is the picture we used on our Christmas card this year. I'm partial, but somedays she is just too cute for words!

Someone is trying to figure out what is below the wrapping paper! Following in her mother's footsteps being nosey at Christmas!
Pointing with her Pops!

Breakfast with Santa at our church.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing catch up - Thanksgiving

So, it's January 2010, and I'm a few months behind on blogging - so the family has reminded me! I wish I had some cool reason why I've fallen behind, but life just got hectic with football season and the holidays, and he we are months later with just a few pictures to share.

This past fall, we managed to make quite a few MSU football games, travelled to Columbus and Starkville for the Thanksgiving festivities, and Chris and I attended the Egg Bowl, which was a great win. The grandparents haven't said no yet to a babysitting opportunity, which allows us to enjoy a game. We did take Riley to her first game this fall, Florida, but she's not quite ready to be contained in a stadium seat. She would rather be on the field running along with the players!

Here she is running free in Granny Ann's yard on Egg Bowl game day!

The yearly Callahan family picture which was distributed by mom with her yearly Christmas card mail-out in December. It has been a family tradition to have our picture made on Thanksgiving weekend.
Riley is enjoying her first true Thanksgiving meal at her GG's (last year doesn't count, as she was just beginning baby food!) I'm not sure about other parents out there, but my kid eats A LOT! She polished off a plate that most adults would eat, and never missed a beat. We are so lucky that she isn't a picky eater, but we haven't figured out where she's putting it!
Riley has no fears. Heights, pets, people, noises, nothing bothers her, except the possible risk of missing a meal. But she is best friends with Sharpie, Chris' parents black lab, and he loves her equally. When we arrive, he greets her at the car door, walks us to the front door, and would sleep at the floor of her crib if he was allowed. But his new found love is to have Riley play with his mouth and teeth, and she just giggles to get to tickle his tongue! They were loving the pretty weather and playing outside together at Thanksgiving.
Pretty wildflowers!
Dressed and ready for church!
The weekend after Thanksgiving, Disney Playhouse Live! came to Memphis, which meant Mickey Mouse made an appearance. Riley LOVED it, and was so excited to do her Hotdog Dance at the end!