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Monday, October 25, 2010

Random iPhone pictures

Most days it's much easier to grab a picture with one of our phones, than get Chris's camera. This is just a random collection I'll share.

We were headed to dinner the night before Katherine was born, and this is my last belly picture. Thankfully, I was smaller this time than with Riley. Sorry, I can't link to Riley belly pic from the phone.

Our final picture as a family of three.

Katherine a few days old, having already come to be aware of the camera, and how much we like to use it!

Riley helping me make cookies a few months ago.

She is her mother's daughter! Love me some cookie dough. Chris doesn't share my appreciation, which just means more for me!

Posing, but not thrilled about interrupting play time.

We made it to the first game, less than two weeks before Katherine was born. My doctor thought I was nuts for wanting to go, along with the rest of our families.

Katherine's "Oooo" face. Somewhere I have this same face posted of Riley at about this same age. It's so funny how they have some of the same traits!

Riley riding Chris's tractor at GG and Johnny's. (FYI, this was sent to me, I take no photo credit.)

Riley using her camera to take Katherine's picture, complete with her telling K to "say cheese"!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Katherine - 1 month old

Katherine turned 1 month old today. We were at the doctor's office on Friday with some reflux/stomach issues, and she weighed in at 9 lbs, 8 oz. She's gained almost 3 pounds in a month! CRAZY! We measured her at home, 21.5 in, so the length could vary slightly. She was 20.5 at birth.

So far, this first month, we are working on her sleeping. She has her days and nights figured out, but will only sleep in her car seat, her rocking chair/bouncy seat, or with us holding her. She hates being flat, which could be a product of her reflux, which we got medicine for 2 days ago, and is improving. Other than the sleeping issues, she's a very easy baby. She's not a fan of crying, just grunting, and the occasional whining, but only "screams" once a day, usually during wardrobe change. She could care less about all the noise in our house from the TV, dog, and everything 2 year old related. She is such a joy to have, and is a wonderful addition to our family.

Precious moments

Fall Festival

Last weekend, we went to the Agricenter, for the Fall Festival. They had lots of activities for Riley, and it was a great family outing.

She wanted to hold her sister for a picture. I just love these two girls!

They had pumpkin painting. Riley is becoming quite the artist at her daycare 3 days a week. She comes home with all sorts of artwork, so she enjoyed this activity.
She is such a ham. She won't smile, but will pretend to eat her pumpkin. Who knows where she comes up with this stuff!

They had a petting zoo with an assortment of animals. Of course she walks up to the goat and just sticks her hand at it's mouth without thinking twice.

And luckily they had a cow. She is obsessed with cows, and will be dressing up as one for halloween! I'm pretty sure if she could have hugged it, she would!

Hanging around the house

So, I really do have a valid excuse for not being up to date on my blogging. After a relatively easy delivery, and escaping the stomach bug that many of the family got while visiting for Katherine's birth, I developed a very severe case of mastitis. I won't go into major details, but after about 5-6 days of severe pain, and my body not responding to 2 different antibiotics, I was admitted to the hospital for 48 hours for IV antibiotics. Katherine was 2 weeks old, and thankfully Chris's parents had taken Riley home with them the beginning of that week, because I was so sick. Luckily the IV helped, I recovered, and all is well again.

So with all the extra sickness, we've had additional help, which we couldn't have made it without. We have the best parents, who have been willing to do anything for us this past month. Chris and I have talked many times how blessed we are to have had so much help in getting over this rough patch.

Now, onto some pictures.

This first one needs no explanation. She's just a diva some days!

Nana B spending some quality cuddling time with KG.
Nana B and her 2 girls. Riley is still a big helper.
Riley has learned to "show your teeth" while taking pictures and saying "cheese". Precious! Katherine is showing off her skinny legs and feet!
Have I mentioned we have a diva? I can't say enough good things as to how Riley has adapted to "baby".

First moments for Katherine

Her first bath on the Sunday, after she came home on Saturday from the hospital.

Had to capture the double chin, because she had no baby fat on her at all.
First family outing, the Monday after she was born We are all (not Millie) headed to the pediatrician's office for Katherine's first check-up, and the rest of us got our flu shots. So nice that the pediatrician's office offers parents flu shots.

Katherine was down to 6 lbs 8 oz at this check-up. She was born at 6 lbs 14 oz. No fear, she's mastered gaining weight. More on that to come.