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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Collection of phone pictures

It's  been months since I've done a blog post to post all the random phone pictures I take.  I typically just post them to Facebook, but I *think* I have a few non-Facebook readers, and I like to use this blog as a scrapbook/archiving system!   Most of these are actually in order, surprise surprise!

Warning, I am aware some of these are blurry.  These 2 girls don't sit still long enough to capture some of these moments with perfect clarity!

Riley modeling her tutu her Aunt KK got her for Christmas.  Yes, Christmas, I'm way behind!

Katherine playing in her exersaucer.

At the doctor's office with her doctor kit Nana B and Granddaddy got her for Christmas.  Dr. Mitchell was impressed with her skills!

Pushing her "mow mow", a term stolen from her friend Jake!

Katherine is the happiest kid I've ever seen.  She loves to laugh all the time!

Laying on the couch with doggy (I assume watching Dora the Explorer).  Doggy was given to Riley from granddaddy and hasn't left her side since.  He goes to preschool with her, in the car, kitchen table, etc. 

Who knew toes were to tasty?!!  And check out those rolls, I just love them!

Playing together in Riley's room.  Riley doesn't quite understand Katherine aka "Baby" can't play with her just yet, but she can't wait for that day! 


She squishes up her nose all the time.  It's her favorite face and noise to make, and we laugh all the time!

Swinging at Pop's house.

It's a hard life sometimes.

Prepared for all weather, snow, sun, rain, and silly the whole time.

Walking Millie holding Jake's hand.  These two are best friends and just precious together.

Perhaps a sign of some jealousy?  And yes, she can still fit in this infant seat, minus her height!

Playing at Jake's house in the tent.  They were "napping".  Each cover the other one up, just precious.  John is investigating the fun.

Easter egg hunt in our yard with Jake and John.

Someone found a big water puddle after a morning rain.  She soon learned the term "soaking wet" and now says it all the time.

Learning to eat finger foods.

The girls, all 3 of them, love this bunny chair.  Millie sleeps in it during the day when the girls are gone.  Katherine crawls all over it, and lowers her head into it like she is wrestling, and Riley likes to sit in it to watch tv.  Something on tv cought KG's attention, but she won't let go of the chair.

Mmmm, first corn on the cob.  She kept reaching out for more!

Summertime, headed to the neighbor's pool.

She loves to swing, just like her big sister.

Mouth full of bubbles.

Splashing in the pool Mrs. Bobbie, our neighbor gave them.

Playing in the sprinklers at Jake's house, trying to beat the heat.

Supporting the Bulldogs.

Chris actually took this picture on his camera during a sick day home with Riley.  This is her personality at her best!

Chilling in her highchair while I make dinner.

Someone wants to help me cook.

What's under here?

Walking around the table.  She'll be fully walking in no time!

Playing in the living room.  I would say excuse the mess, but this is the standard decor of our living room!

Playing at the doctor's office.  She is truly happy most all the time.

I'm having a hard time moving pictures.  This should be up at the top, but Riley loves to try and hold Katherine.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby food making

One thing I learned with Riley was the ease of making baby food at home, and how much cheaper it is.  I know not all kids are the same, but both of my girls LOVE to EAT!  Aside from the cost aspect, I was able to spend a few hours on the weekend, and puree it all, start it freezing, and I had a month or more in the freezer, on hand.  Riley came to prefer the homemade food over store bought!  I used this site, Wholesome Baby Food, as my info guide, and Riley and KG's taste do the rest!

I typically make sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, pears, peaches, bananas, and pear pineapple.  I tried beans and peas, but couldn't ever get them smooth enough with the skins with Riley.  Haven't attempted with Katherine.

**I started typing up this blog weeks ago.  I recently did summer yellow squash, zucchini, yukon gold potatoes as well.

I was never smart enough to take pictures and blog it when I made it for Riley, but I did take some pictures a few weeks ago months ago when making more for Katherine. 

Baby carrots, in the steamer, not hard.

I also did peaches this day.  I admit, I buy can peaches, in fruit juice.  Both girls ate them great, and so much cheaper than buying.
Also, I got this food processor for Christmas, and I love it!

Everyone needs a helper in the kitchen!
Pour into ice cube trays, pop into freezer, store in gallon ziplock bags, and done!




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Vacation - Washington DC

I'm just now getting around to posting pictures of DC, and Chris took a ton of which I had to pull from.  This was my first trip to DC, and I was totally impressed.  Everything was much larger in scale than what I had anticipated, but very cool to experience. 

Chris is a great photographer, and all of these he took.  Yes, we saw a lot, and not close to half of it is included below.  This is just a sample of our trip.

 Jefferson Memorial at night.  Our first day, we took a night tour, which was really pretty.
 Lincoln Memorial at night.

 This is the ceiling of the capitol.  It is very ornate, and this picture doesn't quite capture just how tall it is.  But the artwork is so beautiful.

 Supreme Court.

That's Chris way up there in the blue shirt!

Arlington National Cemetery:  Kennedy's.
 Ted Kennedy
 Changing of the guards
 Such a great picture
 Another fabulous pictures.
 National Cathedral
 Washington Monument
 Marine One, as it flew over the Washington Monument, right before we went up for the tour.
 View from Washington Monument
 Vietnam Memorial