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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nocturnal Choir

We have a problem at our house. We have a chorus of birds that serenade us, but this show doesn't start until at least 11 pm and usually goes until 4 am, sometimes all night long. WE'VE HAD IT! We have 2 oak trees in our front yard, which the birds use as their stage, and our bedroom is on the front of the house, so we have no option for sleep. I tend to notice them more since I'm up multiple times during the night due to the small bladder size in the 7th month of pregnancy. But last night we were awake almost the entire night. We even tried to distract ourselves by turning on the one of the Direct TV music channels.

Since the fireworks stands are opening up with the 4th right around the corner, I'm tempted to try a fireworks display one evening, but I'm not convinced I wouldn't set the trees on fire, or any of the neighbor's houses on fire due to the ricochet action. It's a dangerous thought, and very tempting, but I'll take any suggestions anyone has to offer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Relaxation and Breathing

We have enrolled in a 7 week class at our hospital to learn more about what to expect during the labor, delivery, and postpartum time. We go once a week, on Wednesday evenings, for 2 hours. I must say, we have both learned so much, and have been able to ask questions that we wouldn’t have thought to ask. We have completed 3 classes so far. At the end of each class, our nurse/instructor demonstrates a new way of relaxation/breathing. Since I’m not doing a Lamaze class or anything, we just practice our breathing techniques in class. I learned early on, I’m not able to be serious enough to endure a Lamaze class. I always end up laughing while I’m supposed to be practicing. I discovered why last night:

I will thank Screech Powers from Saved By the Bell for my laughter. The only thing I can picture when I’m supposed to be practicing my “he-blows” (hee-hee-hee-hoooo) is him trying to coach Mrs. Belding from outside the elevator she is stuck in while in labor after the baby shower they all threw to get out of an exam. Please also remember they were stuck in the elevator due to the earthquake, and Tory was experiencing her first earthquake, but was the only one to coach her through the delivery.

So yes, this is what goes through my mind as I’m supposed to be concentrating on relaxing and breathing…Screech Powers. Chris has fussed at me, and tried to get me to be serious, but I’m a lost cause.


Chris’s grandmother, Mama, is an avid daylily gardener. She has multiple varieties all around her house, and as a wedding/house warming gift two years ago, she and Johnny gave us about 9 to plant around our deck. It’s been 2 summers and somehow I haven’t managed to kill them yet. I’m shocked! I’m hoping to get more this weekend while we are in Columbus.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Memorial Day Weekend

My mom came up to Memphis Friday afternoon and returned our daughter, Millie to us. I hope we didn’t hurt her feelings, but we greeted Millie in the driveway, before mom was able to get out of the car! My parents had her for 3 weeks, so we could go on our Las Vegas trip. We missed our little Millie!

The weekend was summed up with shopping, eating, and fishing. Mom and I shopped everywhere, and we ate at her favorite spots up here. Chris, Matt, and Cager were able to go fishing for 3 days in Matt’s restored boat. I think more talking was done than fishing, but I know they had a great time.

Mom and I also organized the nursery with what I already have, as well as hung stuff on the walls. Millie has tested out the crib, and it is approved for Riley when she gets here!

Possessed Potato

So, I’m no Food Network Star, no head chef, except for my own kitchen, but I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the kitchen. So to my surprise the other night, I had my second Idaho potato explosion in my oven. I promise I’ve cooked potatoes before, but my oven has something against me making twice-baked potatoes.

As I reached in to pull out the 3 potatoes I was using to make a dinner for a friend in Sunday School who just had a baby, I discovered this:
I have no idea how the potato skin, still 95% fully intact, was able to remove itself, and leave the main “meat” of the potato right where I had placed it an hour before. This baffles me to no end, but mostly frustrated me since I didn’t have any extra potatoes (much to my husbands dismay). Chris didn’t understand why I hadn’t purchased an extra potato in case we had an explosion issue to deal with! I love him!

So the second tragedy was when I borrowed potatoes from our neighbors, and the oven started smoking. Yes, I managed to also catch the oven on fire from the little bits of skin that had fallen below. Our house smelled like burnt oven for the next day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Week 30 Pregnancy update

Tuesday of this week, we had another doctor's appointment. Everything is checking out great. I'm right where I should be. Good blood pressure, Riley has a strong heartbeat, my stomach measurements were where they should be, and the scale has finally decided to take a leap to the right and significantly increase. Yes, I know pregnant women gain weight. This isn't a new concept to me, but when we live in a world consumed by weight loss, it's just a hard mental concept to walk in and accept an 8 pound gain, in 2 weeks time. Luckily I've been fortunate to not have gained much of anything up until now, but it is very apparent I fall in the category of gaining all my weight in the third trimester. Everyone tells me it's all belly, and I really feel like I swallowed a basketball, with my own personal screen saver inside. Yes, Riley is constantly moving, kicking and hiccuping all day long. I've tried to explain these movements as the Window's Screen Saver that has the geometric shapes that just roll around on the monitor. That's what I feel like day and night.

I must say, I really have no other side effects other than I'm just tired, and it's all due to lack of a good, comfortable nights sleep. I'm eating most all the foods I ate before, no more nausea, no more migraines. I feel very blessed.

We've also had 2 of our 7 childbirth classes. We are both learning a lot and enjoy the other couples in the class, as well as the instructor. I'm just looking forward to August when we can put all this knowledge in place and finally meet Riley!