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Monday, March 30, 2009

Roto-Rooter aka Surgery

So, I've been under the weather for the better part of the last 3 months with everything sinus. It's lovely, but my patience ran thin, and I made an appointment with an ENT at the Shea Clinic here in Memphis. The doctor was very helpful, detailed, and thorough in explaining how messed up I was in the head area. Granted, I already knew most of this, and Chris would concur, but I was surprised to learn that adenoids can grow back! So much for that surgery I had in first grade!

So this Wednesday, April Fools Day no less, I'll be under the knife, getting a brand new nose...inside and out. Since I'll be getting the deviated septum straightened, the inflamed, infected adenoids removed (again), and sinus passages enlarged, I figured I'd also go ahead and get the bump on the top chiseled down. I've never though of myself as a rhinoplasty, Dr. 90210 patient, but it's now or never, because I would never bring myself to pay full price for a new snout.

I'll be off work for a week, and mom is coming to help take care of me, or play with Riley, which ever seems to be more entertaining. This will depend on my consumption of pain meds! I'm trying my hardest not to think of the pain or bruising, and I gave up on Internet research, because there are too many horror stories out there. We'll see how Wednesday goes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Growing up, my Granddaddy John would always take me to Wendy's for a Frosty as a treat. He always claimed "Jessica wants a Frosty", but truth be told, it was just as much a treat for him as it was for me! This past weekend, Nana B introduced Riley to her frost taste of the cold treat, and she loved it!

Riley even went back for seconds!

Mom and I are sure Grandaddy John would have been proud!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7 Months Old

I can't believe our little girl is already 7 months old. She's still hanging out in the 15 pound range, 15.8 to be exact, but she eats everything. She's fortunate that she loves to "exercise". She's always rolling around, crawling, jumping in her jumper, or getting into some sort of trouble! She's not a docile child, but she is a joy to have in our family every day.

Despite the fact that she hasn't put on any weight this last month, she has grown an inch and a half! She's now 27.5 inches tall, and her hair is also making some progress! It's looking like she won't be bald on her first birthday like her mom was.

I think she's figured out the camera, and how to pose for us!

Let's Party!

This past Friday was Chris' birthday. He found out a few days ahead of time he would be going on a guy's trip to Bristol, TN for the NASCAR race. Needless to say, he was very excited. He left with our friend Kyle just this afternoon and will return on Monday. I'll let him blog if he chooses about the camping and race experience. He has been so excited this entire week.

This photo was taken last year, and I believe the drive was/is Denny Hamlin.

Happy Birthday! We love you and have fun!

We left at noon on Friday to head to Columbus for what was to be a fun filled weekend. Chris' grandparents on his dad's side were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in style. They had a family lunch at their house on Saturday, followed by a party at the church that evening. Chris served as the official photographer for the occasions. Riley wasn't particularly fond of sleeping while it was dark outside, and everyone took turns taking care of her during the nights. She and I stayed home for the evening party, but Chris was able to capture some great pictures of her with her great-grandparents.

Congrats on 50 years!

This Tuesday (yesterday), was Mama/GG's birthday. She shares her special day with St. Patrick, and she always looks good in green! Happy Birthday GG!

Hanging out

Since we spend almost all of our time playing in the living room, we tend to capture some cute and funny moments while we are all just hanging out in the evenings. Since Riley can now sit up with no assistance, and prefers to be upright for everything, diaper changing included, she loves to just sit and play with her toys, or watch a little Mickey Mouse!

So funny...
All dressed for church.

This is a cross over between crawling and trying to stand up. It won't be long!

A walk in the park

In a nutshell, we've been really busy lately. Since we finally had nice weather 2 weekends ago, we kept Riley and Millie outside as much as possible. Chris had her exersaucer out on the front porch some, and we spent Saturday at the park. We took a nice walk on the boardwalk, down to the Wolf River. Chris was able to take some of his landscape pictures, which you can see more of here. Millie really enjoyed being outside for the day. The cold weather has made her stir crazy in the house all the time. After our walk, we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. What a beautiful weekend we had!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Road trip

This past weekend, we travelled to Columbus and Starkville to make the rounds with the grandparents and great-grandparents. We all had a fun time getting to see everyone, and Riley enjoyed being the center of attention!

She has recently learned to sit up all by herself, and she constantly tries to crawl. Chris and I laugh daily at her attempts to scoot on the floor.

We have also recently started Skyping with both sides of the family so the can see her in action at night. It has been a great way for them to get to see her develop each day!

Below is Riley in her walker at Pop and Nana's house. She sporting Johnny's hat!

I think she looks like a squirrel trying to store up nuts in those cheeks!

Happy girl!

Excuse me, I'm trying to watch Baby Einstein. Can you put the camera down?

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