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Monday, July 11, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

We spent the extended Memorial Day weekend in Columbus, and from the appearance of the pictures, all we did was swim.  That's not entirely true, we did grill out, attend church, play other outside games, etc, but all that was documented, was at the pool. 

Riley has to show her GG exactly what she wants.  She gives instructions VERY WELL!

Quick time-out to take a picture...

Katherine is not so sure about her new toy.
...back to splashing!

More splashing.  Katherine loves the water.  Bath or pool, it doesn't matter!

Riley playing with her KK.

Hey Renee! Smile for the camera.

Hey GG!  Thanks for letting us come play!

Pops letting Katherine put her toes in the water, with clothes on.  Not so sure if these stayed on, or she went swimming with them!!

Pure happiness.


Time for someone other than daddy to take pictures. 

Yep, she's happy most anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

Future cheerleader in training!  She's got good help! :)

Notice her sticking her tongue out again.

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